This beautiful bear is made from certified organic cotton, with a kind-to-our planet recyclable filling. 100% safe for newborns, this teddy bear is a professional sleep companion that helps your child drift off peacefully. Thanks to safe, natural pink noise (including the sound of a mothers womb), it allows children to calm down and fall asleep faster. It is also a bedside lamp with 7 different colour settings. Moonie noise activation sensor will hum and the light will gently shine to comfort and soothe when your baby starts to cry. This gorgeous bear is the most adorable must-have for your bubba.

Colour: Rose

Dimensions: H28 x W16 x D10.5cm


~ MOONIE is not a mass-produced product due to the fact that attention to detail is incredibly important to the brand. Everything is created at their Polish studio to ensure the highest level of safety and standards 

~ All the sounds used in the Moonie bear audio are real pink noise. Choose from natural sounds of the womb, wind, rain, waves from the Baltic sea, forest stream recordings from the Tatra mountains and soothing lullabies composed on a kalimba.

The heartbeat sound is a real recording of the hum heard inside a mummy's belly.

~ The cry sensor recognises a crying baby and will turn on automatically. As soon as your little one starts to stir, Moonie activates one of its specially curated pink noises, ensuring your child is soothed straight away

The lamp can also be set to turn on alongside the sound for additional comfort.

~ Volume control so you can choose the appropriate sound level.

With a natural warm light and an additional 7 different shades to choose from.

~ Moonie's gentle shining belly enables easy night care (feeding and changing) without additional bright lighting.

~ The lamp alone is also great for older children, who may have nightmares and be afraid of the dark. You can turn on the night lamp itself without sound and leave it on, for the whole night.

Moonie comes fully charged but has a built-in USB rechargeable battery. The bear takes approximately 3 hours to fully charge and a fully-charged battery lasts up to 8-hours of continuous light and sound usage.

~ The LED lamp does not heat up and is completely safe for little ones.