The anti-colic Élhee teat is made of extra-soft silicone. They have been developed to offer sensations for baby that mimic breastfeeding. They adapt to the shape of the baby’s palate and contribute to good oral development. The anti-colic system reduces air absorption and facilitates digestion in babies.

SIZE 1- Slow flow (0- 6 months)

*Size 1 slow flow (S) is ideal for breastfed or premature babies, especially to avoid the risk of breast/teat confusion.

SIZE 1- Medium flow (0-6 months)

*Size 1 medium flow (M) is ideal for infant milk or water.

SIZE 2- Large flow (3- 24 months)

*Size 2 large flow (L) is ideal for thick liquids (thickened milk, cereals…)

The flow rates of the teats are indicated under the base of the teat:

(S = slow flow, M = medium flow, L = dense flow). The numbers on the bottom of the teat correspond to those of the production series and are not related to the size of the teat.

BPA and BPS free – Complies with European (EN 14350-1 / 14350-2), American (FDA US-CPSIA-California PROP 65) and Canadian (SOR) standards.