The Élhée baby bottle is supple and soft-to-the-touch, combining materials and a simple design-which pay homage to the natural curves and softness of motherhood. This baby feeding bottle has redesigned and innovated the baby bottle design to create a natural, round and soft bottle that replicates the female breast to enhance your baby's earliest feeding experience.

The Élhée baby bottles are designed using pure silicone of new generation medical quality. The bottles do not contain bisphenol A (BPA) bisphenol S (BPS) or any other substance likely to harm the health of babies. Silicone enables the bottle to focus on a sensory and ergonomic round design. The flexibility of the material and its supple and delicate texture offer sensations close to natural breastfeeding.

Its unique and patented closure system excludes any risk of the milk and its nutrients coming into contact with materials other than those of the bottle and the silicone teat (Zero contact with plastic).

Its velvety and delicate touch makes it the ideal bottle to ensure a smooth transition from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding.

240ml bottles are supplied with a size 1 nipple (0-6 months) medium flow teat.

330ml bottles are supplied with a one-size-fits-all nipple (0-24 months) medium flow teat.

  • Teat: physiological and anti-colic extra-flexible, standard wide neck (interchangeable). Also available in Slow (S) or dense (L) flow
  • Ergonomic design: semi-rigid bottle for a perfect grip
  • Ease of maintenance: Hand cleaning without brush, the bottle is also compatible with the use of the dishwasher, microwave, freezer and sterlisers
  • Beware of the risk of discoloration in the dishwasher - Do not wash the bottle in contact with carrot juice, tomato juice or other colored oils liable to modify its color.
  • Made in Rhône-Alpes in a short and responsible circuit (France)