From about 3 months you can start giving a baby toys in their hands. At some point they will discover that they have something in between their fingers and they will gradually start playing with it more and more. When teeth are coming through, they often like to bite on something hard.

Colour: Pistachio

The rattle is made of wooden beads and rings combined with silicone beads. These are BPA free. So it's safe to bite. They can be cleaned with a damp cloth. For longer preservation of the quality, the wood can be treated with, for example, linseed or jojoba oil.

The entire rattle has a diameter of about 10 cm

BEZISA was founded by Janneke and is a company born out of love for her own children. She started small, but grew by dreaming big. Everything you see is inspired by nature and peace. With natural elements within the materials, the colours and the figures within her collections. Bezisa is created by hand in the Netherlands by a team of talented ladies. They also support and work with a local shelter workshop 'Fermwork' and collaborate with 'Booghgoed' -where people with acquired brain injuries are treated, guided and helped with reintegration in a very personal way. Bezisa can proudly say that everything is without a doubt ethically and fairly made.